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(一) 简单句的翻译


(1) I bought the car.我买了这部车。(转换成汉语简单句)

(2) But this naval competition strained the Liberal Government's principles as well as their budgets.但是这种海军竞赛使自由党政府的原则无法自圆其说,也使其预算捉襟见肘。(转换成汉语联合复句的并列句)

(3) Law enforcement cannot responsibly stand aloof.司法部门如果对此不闻不问,那就是没有尽到责任。(转换成汉语偏正复句的假设句)

(4) Differences between the social systems of states shall not be an obstacle to their approachment and co-operation.各国社会制度不同,但不应妨碍彼此接近与相互合作。(转换成汉语偏正复句的转折句)

(5) This was an intelligently organized and fervent meeting in a packed Town Hall, with Mr. Strong in the chair.这是一次精心组织起来的会议。市政厅里济济一堂,热情洋溢,主持会议的是斯特朗先生。(转换成两个汉语句子)

(二) 复合句的翻译


(1) Whether an object will sink or float depends on its density.物体在水中的沉浮取决于物体的比重。(名词分句--转换为汉语单句,名词分句成主语)

(2) I owe it to you that I didn't die.我没死,全靠你。(名词分句--宾语从句转换为汉语并列句)

(3) It worried her much that her daughter should stay up so late.她很着急,因为她女儿很晚都不睡觉。(名词分句--主语从句转换为状语从句)


(1) John liked my sister, who was warm and pleasant.他喜欢我那热情欢快的妹妹。(定语分句--前置定语)

(2) It seems to me that there are two causes, of which one goes much deeper than the other.我认为原因有二,而两者之间又有明显的深浅之分。(定语分句--并列分句)

(3) We know that a cat, whose eyes can take in many more rays of light than our eyes, can see clearly in the night. 我们知道,由于猫的眼睛比我们人的眼睛能吸收更多的光线,所以猫在黑夜也能看得很清楚。(定语分句--原因)

(4) There are many people who want to see the film. 许多人要看这部电影。(定语分句--独立句子)

需要指出的是,英语中含有状语从句的复合句,译成汉语时,有些成了偏正复句,有些成了联合复句,还有一些成了单句。此外,有些句序调整是强制性的(required),有些是选择性的(selective / optional),翻译时必须加以注意。

(三) 长句翻译


(1) …This is nonsense but with it organs of the popular Press played upon the emotions of their readers so successfully that many candidates for Parliament were afraid to support abolition for fear of losing votes and the result was the muddle-headed Homicide Act of 1957 which made murder with robbery a capital crime and allowed the prisoner to escape the gallows.

【参考译文】……这是胡说八道,但一些在大众中颇有影响的报刊却利用它大肆煽动读者的情绪,许多竟选国会议员的人由于害怕失去选票而不敢支持废除死刑,其结果就是 1957 年通过的糊里糊涂的《凶杀法案》。根据这个法案,抢劫杀人犯要判死刑,而投毒杀人犯却可不判死刑。(顺译法)

(2) From radio-active water and soil around a nuclear-weapons plant in Colorado to man-made deserts in Soviet Central Asia, the world is peppered with examples of what poor education or unneighborly attitudes can do to the planet that must feed and clothe us all.


(3) Many man-made substances are replacing certain natural materials because either the quantity of the natural products can not meet our ever-increasing requirement, or more often, because the physical property of the synthetic substance, which is the common name for man-made materials, have been chosen, and even emphasized, so that it would be of the greatest use in the fields in which it is to be applied.



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